British Skewbald & Piebald Association.


Classes are open to Skewbald and Piebald horses and ponies only.  OPEN TO MEMBERS & NON MEMBERS.

These classes are affiliated to the British Skewbald and Piebald Association and are qualifiers for the World Championships of Colour National Championship Show.  All classes will be judged within the rules and criteria of the BSPA.  Copies of the rulebook and membership/horse registration/overstamping forms can be obtained from show office 01354 638226 or downloaded from

All stallions 4 years and over must be graded licensed and registered with BSPA in order to compete, and must carry into the ring their red BSPA showing ID card & BSPA bridle discs to be worn.  In order to qualify all owners/handlers/riders must be members of the BSPA and All horses/ponies registered with BSPA prior to the show.  BSPA qualification cards must be produced in the ring and be signed by the judge, otherwise qualification is invalid.

The highest placed Amateur and Highest Placed Junior in each class (must be members of BSPA) will qualify for the Amateur and Junior Supreme Championship Finals to be held at the BSPA World of Colour Championship Show 23 August 2018, The College EC, Keysoe, Beds.  Amateur/Junior cards to be shown and qualification card signed.  ALL shows held after 18 August 2018 are qualifiers for WCC 2019.  Qualification 1-3 in all Classes or 1-4 for Classes exceeding 10.